Rocket Bunny GT86 V1 Road Legal in Switzerland and Europe


We are very pleased to announce that the Rocket Bunny V1 kit for GT86 is now authorized for road use in Switzerland and Europe.

After the worldwide success of the products designed and manufactured by the designer Kei Miura, we promised ourselves to make it available to car enthusiasts in Switzerland, to show that what is possible in Japan and the USA, is also possible in our country.

The homologations carried out also serve as a basis for the homologation of the V2 and V3 kits, as well as for our flagship brand, LIBERTY WALK, which also offers a kit for GT86, but in a different style.

We will continue to make other models homologated for road use, in the hope that Switzerland will become a country where the level of custom projects reaches that of Japan and the USA.



All body modifications as well as track width have been rigorously tested and approved by our partner, the dynamic test center.

The rim size recommended by Rocket Bunny was used for this approval and must be adhered to, not only for safety reasons, but to improve the performance and stability of the GT 86 rear-wheel drive sports coupe.

Hoping to see more and more projects of this type on our roads, we wish you a pleasant week…and don’t forget…



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